• The European Parliament election results are a warning that British Political system is in crisis and urgent action is required to save it.


    Brexit is a symptom of much deeper problems in our country. Our political system is unable to overcome divisions in the country or reconcile differences in Parliament while the language, practice and culture of our politics is making things even worse.


    The big challenges we face today – climate crisis, raging inequality, poverty, caring for an ageing population, are not unique to the UK but our political system is failing to fix these problems.


    The British people deserve better. We want a country where divisions can be overcome, where people can can debate openly and constructively, where Parliament fixes problems instead of adding to them, where we find the big ideas to make our world a better place.


    Populism divides our country. We will not bring our country back together by shouting through megaphones, setting up single issue protest parties or abusing people in leaflets or online. It’s easy to play the politics of hate and shout louder, but harder to do what’s really needed and create a politics of hope.


    Labour is capable of healing these divides, but the European Parliament elections show Labour cannot go on as it has. The country is polarised like never before. If we cannot bring our party together we will never bring our country together.


    The nine of us – as part of Labour Together - are committed to developing new ideas and working with members who support the current leadership and others who do not. No one has a monopoly of wisdom or morality.


    As a group we don't all agree. Some of us want a fresh referendum and some of us do not. But we are all committed to a dialogue that allows us to understand each other and work with each other. We want to take that approach out to the rest of our movement and show that only by working together can Labour succeed.


    The challenges we face are so complex that it will take the best of all the Labour traditions to build a coalition for change.


    Beyond faction and personality, what we need is a new approach to politics.


    Not a Labour populism but a new political culture that rips up the rule book and requires all of us to behave differently.


    This can be built on Labour’s values of tolerance, fraternity and respect, and will help Labour achieve our purpose of a more just world. It is Labour’s responsibility to bring the country back together, but first we must bring Labour together.

    Jon Cruddas MP, Lisa Nandy MP, Steve Reed MP, Shabana Mahmood MP, Jim McMahon MP, Wes Streeting MP, Bridget Phillipson MP, James Frith MP, Lucy Powell MP.