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    “The working class did not rise like the sun at an appointed time. It was present at its own making” ~ EP Thompson

    Out of the terrifying chaos of the Second World War, Labour’s great generation demanded a better, kinder, more just politics. They came together and changed the course of the last century.


    The challenges facing working people now, at the start of the 21st century are immense and Labour must rise to meet them. But we can only do this if we build a new political culture that’s both kinder and can find strength through our difference.


    The answers to the deep and difficult questions won’t be found at a political podium but rather around tables.


    Our aim is to create a space for people to have difficult but necessary political conversations face-to-face, in living rooms and around kitchen tables with people they might not ordinarily speak with.


    A space within the Labour movement for all of us to step forward, to be heard and to listen.


    Open our toolkit to get started.

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    Getting started is easy but the work is hard.We have all the resources and support you need to start.


    Our toolkit has everything you need to host a Round Table.


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    Pull together a small group interested in having a new kind of political conversation.


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    This isn't a work of moments, building a kinder politics will take time. Do it again!