• Building a bridge beyond the base

  • From Heathrow expansion to debates over land use, time and again the environmental movement comes up against barriers to achieving the significant systemic change that is needed to tackle climate chaos. With Extinction Rebellion and the School Climate Strikes bringing unprecedented attention to the threat of inaction and Labour voting to declare a climate emergency, how can we make sure this focus is best utilised? What are the competing priorities within the left that stop more from being achieved? How can we reach out beyond the activist space and create a positive vision of a greener future for everyone in society? How do we bring more people into this conversation? How can we get people to understand the scale and urgency of the challenge without them feeling hopeless? How can we secure democratic consent for the significant changes our society needs to make? How can we understand and more effectively counter right wing populism and conspiracy theories which deny climate change?

  • How can we build a broader politics of nature?

    Many people care deeply about the natural world and have a strong connection to the places they live, yet this rarely translates into support for radical environmental policies.

    In an era of climate collapse, when urgent political action is desperately needed, how can we foster these deeper connections to nature? How can we build on them to develop a broader base of support for environmental politics?